Davis-Standard is a global leader in the design, development and distribution of extrusion and converting technology. With more than 900 employees worldwide and a network of independent sales agents and suppliers in nearly every country, Davis-Standard is committed to engineering equipment that is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and offers a high return on investment.

Davis-Standard systems encompass over 10 product lines to support manufacturing applications and customers within every major industry. It is Davis-Standard’s mission to supply technologically-advanced solutions to the global polymer processing industry and to provide exception value for our customers. We offer a comprehensive range of extrusion and converting systems and technology.

Davis-Standard sheet systems are globally recognized for reliability, accuracy, high outputs, and processing efficiency. We manufacture equipment for foam, flexible and rigid sheet extrusion, and single and multi-layer coextrusion applications up to nine layers. Our systems support customers in the appliances, automotive, construction, footwear, furniture and carpets, packaging and film, personal care, and medical markets.

We offer customers one source for all their system needs. This includes control systems, feedscrews, sheet dies, melt pumps, dual laminating pay-offs, roll coaters, rotary shears, and thickness measurement systems with thickness optimization control for sheet from .008 inches (0.2mm) to over 1 inch (25mm).and customized roll stands in upstack, downstack, vertical, horizontal, and J-stack configurations are available. Customized options include four, five or more cooling rolls as well as automatic drive controls and hands free nip gap force adjustment. Our XP Express™ roll stand system is versatile, cost-effective, and available for fast delivery. Designed for nearly every sheet and packaging application, it has capabilities for lamination, coating, auxiliary cooling, slitting and trimming, embossing, and protective film.

Lines are engineered to produce packaging grade thermoformable sheet either in-line, as converter grade rolls for single lane forming, or as winding rolls up to 60 inches (1,500mm) in diameter. Thickness ranges are from 0.008 to 0.120 inches (0.2 to 3mm) for cups, containers, trays and lid stock. We have proven experience with PET materials including recyclable PET in flake form, low bulk density PET, 100 percent post consumer waste, and virgin APET.

Coextrusion arrangements are available for multi-layer configurations including appliance and refrigeration units. ABS sheet lines are available in mono and multi-layer arrangements for thicknesses from 0.030 to 0.350 inches (.76 to 9mm) in widths up to and over 120 inches (3,048mm).

Heavy Gauge Sheet extrusion is available for thermoformable industrial and recreational products. This includes heavier thicknesses for sanitary walls and partitions and hydrocarbon tank liners up to 1 1/2 inches (38mm) thick. Capabilities for coextrusion cap layers and regrind recycling layers are also available.

Our barrier sheet extrusion lines are engineered to produce performance packaging for products with an extended shelf life such as "meals ready to eat" (MRE) as well as those for pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic applications. These systems are also widely used for industrial products that provide moisture, serve as grease and gas vapor barriers, and automotive hydrocarbon storage tanks.