NDC Technologies

8001 Technology Boulevard
Dayton, OH 45424
United States of America


NDC Infrared Engineering is the acknowledged leader in the development and manufacture of no-compromise measurement and control solutions for a wide diversity of manufacturing and process industries.

The NDC product range comprises:

* NDC Systems - Web gauging systems for the converting, extrusion, calendering, paper and nonwoven industries. Providing real-time measurement of key product parameters such as coating or lamination thickness, basis weight, product thickness, plus sheet oil and moisture content.

* NDC Sensors - Process instrumentation for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, bulk materials and tobacco industries. Providing on-line and at-line NIR (near infrared) measurements of constituents such as moisture, fat and protein content.

* NDC Metals - Rugged in-process gauging systems for the steel and non-ferrous metals industries, delivering built-for-purpose measurements of key parameters such as thickness, width, and flatness for the strip metals processes, plus sinter permeability and oxidation state for sinter plant operations.