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For over 65 years, Formsprag Clutch has been the recognized leader in designing, manufacturing, and delivering dependable long-lived Overrunning Clutches to the power transmission markets. Formsprag overrunning clutches are used to drive the ink and glue rollers at low speeds automatically.

By offering the broadest range of both Sprag and Ramp & Roller type overrunning clutches and backstops available in the world, Formsprag Clutch, together with its sister company Stieber Clutch in Germany, is the world's leading authority for solving applications requiring Overrunning Clutches.

Formsprag now Guarantees same-day shipment on over 200 different models.
Its simple. If we receive your order by noon (Eastern) time on any business day, your order will be shipped the same day by 5pm. Our commitment to quality still stands. Youll get the same time-tested reliability and performance youve come to expect from Warner Electric, and now with our Premier Guaranteed Delivery Service, youll receive it faster.

Just the type of Premier Service you would expect from the Premier Power Transmission Company.