Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems (ARCS, Inc.) specializes in cleaning all types of printing rolls by using one of two cleaning processes: Baking Soda Cleaning and Laser Cleaning Technology.

• Baking Soda Cleaning uses a specially formulated Sodium Bicarbonate (aka Baking Soda). The Anilox Roll Cleaning Formula we use is a proven, proprietary formula developed by Arm and Hammer that allows for superior yet gentle cleaning, a dust-free application, and is environmentally-friendly.

• ARCS Laser Cleaning offers state-of-the-art cleaning technology using a proprietary laser. These easy-to-use systems only require electricity to work – no compressed air, water, or media are ever required. Laser cleaning is greatly helping companies achieve their sustainability initiatives and move away from the use of chemicals and other processes that produce waste during roll cleaning operations.

Service - For those companies who prefer to outsource deep cleaning of their rolls, we provide both on-site and off-site cleaning services. For on-site services, we offer both On-Press and Off-Press cleaning options at your facility. Or, send your rolls in to our plant for cleaning. Our turnaround time is 48 hours or less. We clean jumbo rolls, sleeves, gravure, embossing, coating, chrome, and all types of anilox rolls, from 200 LPI to 1,500 LPI.

Equipment - In addition to our roll cleaning services, we also offer for sale roll cleaning systems to companies who have the desire to self-perform roll cleaning:
3 choices available:

• NEW Automated Eclipse Laser Cleaning Systems for Anilox Rolls – State-of-the-Art Technology -- Chemical and Waste Free -- only needs electricity to operate.
• NEW ARCS Pro-Series - Dust-Free Baking Soda Roll Cleaning Systems -- On and Off Press options available.
• Factory Refurbished Baking Soda Systems - High quality & budget friendly

Ink Removers – We offer a great line of liquid cleaners and adhesive removers. Please contact us now to discuss how we can help your company extend the life of your rolls AND improve your organization's production quality.