Inometa Inc.

2900 North Roemer
Appleton, WI 54911
United States of America



Inometa was founded in 1981 and has achieved leading market position, providing high performance rollers, winding cores, precision tubing from carbon fiber, aluminum and fiberglass.

Our customers are internationally successful and quality-conscious companies from the printing, paper, films and foils sectors of the industry.

We offer carbon fiber technology for web, felt, guide, idler, printing, guide, press, lay-on rollers, CF printing cylinders, mandrels, adapters, sleeves, aluminum rollers, guide rollers, web tension and sensor roller technology, performance winding cores in aluminim, carbon fiber, PVC.

Also paper machine components like guide roll, breast roll, doctor body, cross cutter, coater backing roll, blade beam in carbon fiber technlogy and functional surface coatings for rollers and components.

Additionally, we offer a large selection of aluminum tubing and profiles for rollers, pneumatic cylinders and actuators.

Our range of precision, high performance winding cores from aluminum, carbon fiber CFRP, fiberglass and plastic has provided our customers with substantial process improvements, cost savings and improved product quality.