Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories (APTL) provides package and material testing solutions to the packaging industry. Our engineering staff analyses your package testing requirements and then tailors the tests to meet your specific needs.

With a team of packaging engineers and an extensive client list, APTL has become a leader in the ISTA/ASTM package testing industry. APTL recently joined the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS). APASS is designed for companies wanting to distribute their products via Amazon and looking to work with a laboratory that has the ability to test and certify products as Prep-Free Packaging (PFP) Ships-In-Own-Container (SIOC) or Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) without requiring additional testing by Amazon.

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories is a DOT/UN recognized and certified third-party testing agency. APTL has a depth of knowledge and expertise in all nine classifications of “Dangerous Goods” containers or packages. We work directly with you through the entire testing process in obtaining U.S. DOT certification for shipping packages containing dangerous goods to consulting you when it comes to intricate details and requirements of these regulations.

In addition to testing the strength and integrity of packaging, Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories also tests the component materials that make-up the packaging using ASTM, TAPPI, ISTA and Individual Company Test Standards. The physical and chemical properties and barrier capabilities are important characteristics to aid in the design process. Our team of engineers and technicians are well-versed in the most current testing standards and can help package designers translate the test results into package design options.

Environmental conditions can greatly impact the success of your packaging project. With a selection of environmental chambers, we can simulate temperatures and atmospheric conditions that could affect packaging material properties.

At APTL, we take great pride in our brand, delivering outstanding customer service, timely response and world-class package testing expertise. Our team of packaging professionals are available through the entire testing process to answer any questions or address any concerns.