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Johnson Screens Vision:

To be our clients' preferred provider of whole solutions; meeting their expanding global needs for water infrastructure, fluids processing and industrial filtration.

Johnson Screens has been manufacturing profiled wire pulp pressure screens ever since they started replacing the drilled and machine plate technology. Our screens show their superior efficiency for all steps of the pulp screening process: contaminant removal, de-inking, fiber classification, all the way to the headbox.

Johnson Screens also offers a wide range of water treatment and filtration products to assist you with all your process needs such as water intake, wastewater treatment and any other separation application in your pulp and paper mill.


Johnson Screens - Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment

In all of our operations, Johnson Screens' most important mission is to pursue the highest possible standards to maximize our Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental performance. In order to achieve this goal, the effective implementations of our policies on these issues are the top priority for all employees.

By maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and regulations within the areas of our operation and by conducting all operations in a manner that promotes safe work practices and avoids risk to our employees, our neighbors, and the environment, we can optimize the value created for our customers.

Our objectives are straightforward:

•Assure the quality and technical integrity of our products and services so that they are fit for purpose and that their functional specifications match the customer’s application in all instances.
•Conduct our operations with zero risk to personnel or the environment.
•Seek continuous improvement.
•Consult regularly with employees, and others, with regards to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.

Enterprise Excellence Process
Since 2007 we have re-focused Johnson Screens culture of excellence through our Enterprise Excellence Process (EEP). EEP focuses on creating a preventative culture with error-free performance. Our policies:

•Comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the areas where we operate, or exceed compliance where our stated expectations require.
•Conduct all operations in a manner that promotes safe work practices and minimizes risk to our employees, our communities and the environment.
•Implement the programs, training and internal controls necessary for achieving our goals.
As a result our objective with EEP is to achieve complete internal and external client satisfaction and to conform to mutually agreed requirements the first time, every time, while protecting the well-being of all personnel, assets and the environment.
For our clients, EEP results in advantages such as greater efficiency and more effective planning; processes that better capture client requirements.