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The requirements of today's industrial adhesive users are demanding and diverse. Each has special needs. At Capital Adhesives we specialize in meeting those needs. We are committed to providing quality products and services focusing on the packaging and converting business: folding carton, graphic arts, printing and mounting, point-of-purchase, case and carton seal just to name a few.

When you have a specific performance requirement or a particular need that requires additional development, we have the capability and willingness to custom-formulate the right adhesive for you.

Capital Adhesives is an ISO 9001 Certified manufacturer of adhesives offering a broad line of adhesive products including Liquids, Hot Melt, Fugitives, Latex, Glue Sticks, and PUR’s. If we don’t offer an adhesive in our vast product line that meets your needs, we have the capability to custom-formulate one that satisfies your adhesion and performance requirements

Remember – our focus is on exceeding your needs.

Water-based adhesives use water as the carrier fluid with the adhesive particles suspended in water. The carrier is proportionate to the adhesive’s viscosity so that it can be applied to various substrates at varying thicknesses. Evaporation of the carrier fluid generates the desired bond; either in large ovens or naturally under ambient, not-thermal conditions.

Hot-melt adhesives form the highest volume component of all adhesive systems, primarily due to their extensive use in the packaging and footwear industry. They are easy to apply and can be very low cost with many being derived from mixtures of common bulk polymers in conjunction with additives to impart the necessary adhesive and structural properties. The primary distinguishing factor of a hot melt adhesive over most other adhesive systems is that it is applied in a molten state, which cools to form a solid bond between the two substrates.

It’s important to have the right tool for every job – and at Capital Adhesives, we do. Whether it’s for a hot melt application or a cold glue system, we have the adhesive to meet your application needs.

If you have an equipment need, Capital Adhesives will help offer a solution.

Our technical experts work closely with equipment manufacturers to optimize your application performance. We serve as a valuable resource for high volume, high speed, and specialty applications.

For small volume applications, Capital Adhesives can provide equipment such as hand-held glue guns, extrusion and spray systems, roll coaters, and table-top label equipment.

Whether you have a complicated adhesive application, or just a simple question, we will be there to find a solution. We trust that after working with us, you will see why our customers view us as more than just a vendor

To Build Bonds that Last.

Capital Adhesives’ goal is to serve our customers by meeting specific needs and by providing quality, sustainable products, exceptional customer service, and superior technical support on a consistent, ongoing basis.

We play our part in protecting and preserving our natural resources by offering environmentally-friendly products and use green technology wherever available.

We partner with our customers, incorporating a teamwork approach to problem solving and continuous improvement strategies.

Capital Adhesives responds with innovative and timely solutions to ensure customer satisfaction; and operate all functions of our business with the highest level of integrity.