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With every American Baler we deliver:

INTEGRITY: At American Baler we believe that integrity still means something: both personal integrity and machine integrity. Simply stated, we like to put the customer first and stand behind our equipment. We build machines that have integrity in their design and structure and we underscore that commitment with our optional 10 year structural warranty.

QUALITY: Our balers are designed by people who have been continually innovating and improving our designs for many years. We use the highest quality steel and the best purchased components available, and our employees are committed to consistently delivering a high quality product.

RELIABILITY: Our customers expect their balers to start-up and run every day. A baler is often an essential part of a customer’s operation and unscheduled downtime is both inconvenient and costly. When properly maintained, our balers are designed to operate with a minimum of unscheduled downtime. To back up this commitment we offer 24 hour factory phone support and we work with factory trained local authorized dealers who will be there to supply spare parts and provide on-site PM and emergency service support when you need it!

VALUE: With American Baler you get what you pay for! Our customers know that our balers are built to last, and for every additional year you can operate your baler you are lowering your overall per ton baling cost! That’s Value!