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Wetend Technologies Ltd operates globally serving the paper industry worldwide through own resources and locally together with agents and representatives. Home and technology base are in Finland. Wetend Technologies Ltd is located in the city of Savonlinna in eastern part of Finland where the company holds office, research and development facilities and assembly shop premises.

Chemical mixing - TrumpJet TM

Wetend Technologies Ltd is a worldwide supplier of chemical and additive mixing systems with TrumpJet injection technology for paper mills including paper and board machine wet end, stock preparation, recycled fiber and mechanical pulping process applications. We supply complete mixing systems for various papermaking chemicals and additives.

The TrumpJet injection technology provides the process with immediate and efficient mixing resulting to very homogenous sheet, better quality of paper and improved runnability. The system can reduce chemical consumption or improve e.g. retention.

Injection and mixing is made with circulated process media, normally with headbox stock - fresh water savings are given, no dilution is required.
Wetend Technologies Ltd offres developed services for papermills to analyze and optimize injection and use of additives. We provide also mechanical and process field service for our equipment and processes to ensure optimum performance.

Expert services for Recycled fiber and De-inking processes
Based on our mill and process expertise Wetend Technologies Ltd offers full professional expert services for mill management support, process design, project management, start up and for development and trouble shooting of recycled fiber and de-inking processes.